Gambling Addiction is a serious Issue that could potentially ruin your life. My name is Chad Cunningham and I founded Youth Information, an informative blog with the purpose of bringing a new perspective and help to all the readers that suffer from gambling addiction and now want to move on and improve with their lives.

I know how damaging gambling addiction can be to your life, since I was in the same position as you may find yourself right now. I only cared about gambling. At first, I started gambling at a young age in online sites, but as time passed by, I moved to casinos, poker, and even slots machines. After that, I ended up wasting my savings and selling all my belongings.

It was a hard time in my life, but with professional help, and time, I could finally move on and get my life back. After telling my story, I realized that I could help a lot of people that are currently living the same problems, and are struggling like I did. So I decided to found Youth Information to, not only tell my story but also to share articles and advices so you can keep on the good track and finally leave the bad habit and overcome gambling addiction.